Every space is a distinct canvas for our creativity, forging connections with diverse personalities. Our design philosophy prioritize each client's character, ensuring a bespoke focus in our interior design services.

Our Story

Crafting Timeless Designs, Redefining Spaces Worldwide

Dedicated to delivering superior client services, we prioritize transparent communication, proactively foreseeing client needs, and optimizing the collaboration process for efficiency. Client input is valued at every project stage. As a firm, we exhibit swift responsiveness and flexible adaptation, tailoring processes to individual clients and projects. Our commitment lies in ensuring a seamless and exceptional experience for all our clients.

At the core of our design philosophy lies a commitment to site-specificity. We specialize in crafting unique spaces, each intricately tied to its locale. Employing a blend of quantitative and qualitative assessments, we meticulously scrutinize each site, ensuring our creations harmonize with their surroundings. The result is spaces that seamlessly integrate into their environment, demonstrating environmental sensitivity, and a keen responsiveness to both existing and historical context.

Renowned for our meticulous precision, our studio channels this dedication into every project. We assert that materiality is pivotal to spatial experiences. Hence, in each endeavour, we carefully assess the distinct attributes of chosen materials. This meticulous approach results in architectural creations that endure, offering a nuanced and sensory-rich experience.

Our purpose extends beyond design; we create to construct. Our commitment to client service encompasses not just design excellence but also the successful, efficient delivery of finished projects. We collaborate closely with clients throughout the entire design and build journey, ensuring a seamlessly integrated and satisfying experience.

We at Tushar Mistry Design Studio celebrates equity, diversity, and inclusiveness by embracing these pillars of excellence as crucial to healthy people and healthy communities. We value and appreciate our employees and want them to be free to be who they are. We at TMDS will not tolerate discrimination based on gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, age, neuro diversity, disability status, citizenship, or any other attribute that makes our team members unique. We strive to build a safe and equitable workplace where the talents we recruit reflect the diversity of the communities we serve.

Our leadership is culturally competent, empathetic, and are committed to leading bold change through policies that address bias and prohibit discrimination of any kind.  Our team is provided with resources and encouraged to volunteer for efforts they find worthwhile.

We also recognize that involvement in our communities and participation with organizations who are fighting for their justice is one of the most effective ways to create a real impact.  Our commitment lies in seeking support and participating in activities that support diversity and equality, also partnering with companies that are philosophicallyaligned, and maintaining our focus on our mission to building a safe and equitable workplace.
We hold the belief that each space we meticulously design unfolds as an immersive experience, captivating individuals through its curated moments, thoughtfully chosenobjects, and innovative design elements. Our Design Forward sensibility surpasses fleeting trends, focusing on the intentional creation of homes that stand as enduringtestaments to thoughtful craftsmanship

At the core of our design ethos lies a commitment to simplicity, seamlessly intertwined with an elevation of extraordinary beauty. Our expertise lies in the curation of interiorsthat seamlessly merge understated elegance with a sense of grand intimacy, achieving a harmonious dialogue between each carefully selected object. The art of our craftinvolves a meticulous balance of editing and curation, resulting in an effortlessly unstyled aesthetic—a journey along the less-traveled path to construct spaces that aresimultaneously refined and approachable. Through this deliberate approach, we aspire to offer elevated environments that not only captivate but endure, showcasing a uniquefusion of innovation and timeless allure in each project

During the initial brief stage we take the time to learn about how the client wishes to use the property, their personal style, and lifestyle. We build a pictureof the project through a site visit or floor plans and photographs as well as ensuring that we understand all factors such as time scale, budget, and anystructural requirements.

After taking the detailed brief we will present the concept designs, consisting of floor plans and elevations illustrating the proposed furniture layouts andany structural changes that may be required. We also present mood board presentations containing samples of all the proposed fabrics and finishes as wellas imagery of suggested furniture and joinery concepts

Having approved all of the concept designs we progress to the design development and detail design stage. All final bespoke furniture, joinery and interiorarchitecture drawings will be presented, along with all final finishes artwork and accessories for clients to approve. At this stage we willalso present a fully itemised breakdown of costs